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Beauty of overexposure nad misfocus

Today, I was in a playful mood and experimented a bit with intentional overexposure and misfocus. The idea of intentional overexposure is not mine. The whole credit goes to Bjorn Utpott and his excellent overexposed! pbase gallery. Although my experiments are far from Bjorn's photos, I like the results. Hope you will like them too?

All photos are taken against the window and intentionally overexposed. The last one is additionally misfocused :D Notice the complete lack of chromatic aberration even at full aperture and with attached GT1 (first shot).

The more I'm playing with GRDII and GT1, the more I like this combination. And what's really strange, GRD makes me to take more photos and to experiment with camera, than any other camera I ever owned? Once I started with GRD, I almost did not touch my DSLR. It's so heavy..shame on me! ;)


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Latest "intentional misfocus" experiment..

GRDII+GT40 manually focused to 3cm and patiently waiting for someone walking through the old archway.


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I'm glad you like these experiments ;) The best aspect of Ricoh cameras is that they made me more creative than any other cameras. I'm still trying something new.
odklizec":672b85zc said:
Once I started with GRD, I almost did not touch my DSLR. It's so heavy..shame on me! ;)

:lol: :lol: :lol: Same for me, a GRD is addictive isn't it?

Great creative shots, it's always a good idea to expirement with things like focus and lighting, makes for out-of-the-box photos!