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Aperture 2 Support GX100 RAW?

Hi Panda and welcome on board!

I'm not Aperture 2 user, but it should now directly support GX100 files. However, Aperture 2 users, who previously converted Ricoh DNG files with Aperture 1.5 "hack", now reports that the imported files are not recognized by Aperture 2.
I'm using aperture 2 with GRD II, but I'm sure it works for GX as well. The hack basically fooled aperture into using the panasonic lx profile on the ricoh files. Now it works without the hack by using a generic dng profile. One can of course apply the hack again, and have both the generic and the panasonic profiles. I've found the two are substantially different. Haven't personally decided which is better. The generic dng conversion looks a bit more rough, more sharpening is applied by default, less noise reduction.

The reason why 1.5 users couldn't get to their old photo is because the aperture 2 installation overwrote their hacked files. The hack can be applied again, and then the photos will appear as in 1.5 - at least this is how things worked out for my grd II files.
Many thanks for the responses. I've probably got this wrong but I seem to recall seeing somewhere that Aperture 1.5 did support GRD II RAW files where it didn't recognise the GX100 files? Or was it that one of the hacks fixed it for GRD II but not GX100? Confused!! :?

Anyway, encouraging that Apple seem to be recognising these cameras at last. Luckily I only applied the hack a few days ago so when I change to Aperture 2 I won't have to re-import too many images. I'll see how the generic dng conversion looks before deciding whether to apply the panasonic hack also. One question, if I do apply the hack how do I choose between the two profiles? Does one over-ride the other?
The hack worked in the same way for all of them as far as I know. One just had to get the name right in that plist file.

The conversions all appear in the adjustments hub. So if the hack is applied, the hub contains the panasonic 1.1 conversion, the panasonic 2.0 conversion, and the generic dng 2.0 conversion. 1.1 and 2.0 refer to the old and new aperture raw engines. One can change between them at will.

If you made any changes to the default raw parameters, they are forgotten between changes, but they can always be saved as presets (although this is not too useful when different changes are applied to many different photos).

BTW, aperture 2 is awesome.
Hi Everyone

I have Aperture 1.5, and I'm trying to just find the raw.plist file, but no luck. It's just not there... :|

I know this is a Mac question, but if I ask this on the Apple forum, I'll be shot down!

I am using Aperture 2 trial version and DNG files are working fine. I haven't earlier tried that version 1.5 or 1.0.
I can't understand why they didn't make same database for iPhoto and Aperture.