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Aperture 2 seems to support the GR-D II.


New Member
I've downloaded the trial version from Apple (Mac only) and it seems to work fine with RAW files. Further information to follow when I get a proper play with it.
i think you're right.

even though this is not mentioned in the supported files page, i'm now able to import, view, and edit my ricoh gx100 dng files.
Yes! The new Aperture is awesome, MUCH faster much better tools (brush!).

The 2.0 conversions are almost without exception better than the 1.1 ones. In some photos I've seen whole areas of detail appear, which I could not get at with the recovery tools in aperture 1.5 no matter what - especially in night shots for some reason. (Note: The camera in question is GRD II).

One point though. We now have two choices for conversion. One is the Panasonic LX entry copied in the .plist file and made to look like a ricoh entry, and the other is the generic dng conversion. The two are quite different. In particular, the default dng conversion seems to apply a lot more sharpening than the LX conversion, which introduces noise into dark areas. The sliders for the dng default are .50 sharpening .80 edges. I think this is just too strong. Any opinions?

However, even when the sliders are adjusted to be the same as in the panasonic conversion (.78 sharpening, .20 edges), the two conversions are different. Not clear if one in general looks better than the other, i keep changing my mind from photo to photo. Any thoughts on this, from people who may know more about how raw conversions work?