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abbey ruins


New Member
I took this photo a few weeks ago and have only just got around to doing some PP on is on private land so could not get any closer


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Hey Marky,

Great composition... I love the reflection and silhouette of the large tree. The abbey gives it an old world charm.
I like the branches in the top left corner, they help frame and bring your eye back down to the abbey (the subject) as you explore the image.

Nice work! :)

P.S. Are you able to straighten the image, it seems to run down to the left very slightly.
Great image Mark! I agree with J-man regarding slight straightening. Other than that, it's perfect!

BTW, If I may ask, a bit reduced size (width/height) would be better ;) Not because of file size or site bandwidth. But for the best viewing experience and optimal speed of loading. I think the ideal size for online (vertically oriented) photos is around 768x1024. Just an idea for next time.
thanks for your great comments guys....I'm glad you like, i took this pic a few weeks ago and did'nt like it and was going to delete it....for some reason i kept it and then i played with it a bit for the not sure if Xnview has this...i have not read the "manual" and Pavel sizes have been noted again...thanks...M
Hi Mark. Try menu Image > Rotate > Custom and in menu View >> Show Grid enabled grid. This will help you with straightening the images. No problem about size! ;) Just an idea to make the viewing more pleasant and fast.
Thanks once again Pavel....i must print of the manual and have a read....I'm assuming i can do this.....catch ya soon... :D