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A power on problem?


New Member
Hi everyone, I just received my GRDII yesterday from Adorama, but I experienced something weird about power on. After I pressed the power on button, sometimes the LCD was not on after the lens opened, then the lens closed and opend again. The lens sometimes even closed and opened twice. I can not predicted when it would happen, but it did happen quite often. Anyone has same experience like this? I don't think this is normal. How I can do for this? Sorry my first post here is about a problem. Thank you!

Hi Matt and welcome here! I did not experience anything like that? At least not yet ;) Does it happen often? And in what mode you have the camera before turning it ON? And what's your SD card brand and size?
Thank you for your reply Pavel! The problem did happen ofen. But now I think that is probably due to the low voltage of the power. Since the DB-60 battery need to be charged first, I used two freshly charged AAA batteries (NIMH). Now I changed to DB-60 and not experienced the problem yet so far. I will see if the problem appears again when the battery voltage goes lower. Still I don't think that is normal if AAA betteries run the camera like that.
I tried different mode before turning on the camera, and all were same. I use a Kingston 4GB class 6 SDHC card.
If it does not happen with AAA batteries and only with DB-60, then I guess there is something wrong with the battery or battery contacts?
buzzard":1dvo6qiq said:
Is there a way to reset/reboot the camera? I'd check the manual and try that.
I can not find any word about resetting the camera in manual.
odklizec":2v4pukb9 said:
If it does not happen with AAA batteries and only with DB-60, then I guess there is something wrong with the battery or battery contacts?
It happens both with AAA batteries and DB-60.
Just now when I turned on the camera, the lens extended and drawed back twice and extended again without LCD on. The power on light was also out , like the camera was frozen. But after I pressed the power button again, the camera come back. So the camera wasn't frozen. I think my camera has definitely something wrong, and probably I need to contact Adorama for an exchange or refund? I don't feel good since this is only the second day after I received the camera and I really like the GRDII. Any suggestions? Thank you!
I totally agree with buzzard, exchange it! I have run my batteries completely down in camera and the camera never acted like that.
Yes, they have some patent pending I think with such annoying things at Ricoh.
They realy need to check their cameras once in ALL condiions, not only behind a desk on paper.
Lucridders, I'm afraid, you asked for this. Feel free to continue with your mediocre and useless comments anywhere else. Thank you!
Many thanks for all useful suggestions above! The camera seems Ok now. I tried the camera all the day on and off, off and on, and took lots of pictures, the problem never happened again so far (even I tried AAA batteries as well). In this case, what I worried is if I send it back to Adorama, probably they won't see the problem and would say it not eligible for an exchange. So, I'd keep it.
Adorama told me that I need to contact Ricoh to know if my camera is defective. In the case the camera is in fact defective, I might return it for exchange. A lot of bother! Feel very bad!
Thats bullshit, you should be able to send it right back to Adorama, no questions asked. That makes me wish I didn't buy my camera from them.
According to the contact info Adorama provided for me, I sent two email meesages (with a short video showing the turning on problem) to Ricoh ( yesterday, no reply yet. I tried to call them (800-742-6438) too, no selcction for camera at all on their phone system. I'm simply unable to contact Ricoh to talk with someone on the problem of my camera. Anyone knows how to contact them? I'd like to send the short video to them. In the video I had to wait for about one minute for my camera turning on!