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A Classic Drive By


New Member
I saw this car coming from a way off, there was just one place where I could get a clear shot.
If it were not for how fast the GRD works on snap mode, and for use of the LCD and my periphial vision, I would've missed this
Well done, Maam!! Is this luck or good planning?? ;) Oldsmobile, Buick, Chevy, Ford - what is it?.
Thank you!
Luck, fast reflexes and a bit of planning.
I saw him coming but there were cars all along side me, blocking the view.
The ones ahead of me moved and I saw a gap opening in the left lane and I moved quickly to be in place when he came by.
Wow! This is really street shot ;)
I can imagine that you bring your GRD everywhere and ready anytime.
Great shot! great color too.
kitty :D
Tried over sixty different makes of cars and could not find it. Suspect that it could be a 1957 Mercury four door sedan :?: . Therefore my suggestion is Lili, that if you see it again - shoot it with a poison dart and keep it in a cage somewhere until it can be identified. :)