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A chapter on the art of "Seeing"...


New Member
:D Hi Guys and Girls!

I am reading a book by Alain de Botton "How Proust Can Change Your Life". It is a book about a book, a sort of introduction to Marcel Proust's gigantic "In Search of Lost Time". Now to the point: In this book, more specific chapter seven, there is a really great essay on the art of "Seeing" which I am sure would interest many of us interested in photo. I will not try to comment on the text, only say that when I read it (again and again) I was deeply touched and maybe even a little enlightened, if you will allow this pretentious word.

I hope this is a proper forum to pass on this tip. It would be great to hear from you about this fascinating text. I am sure you can find it in any proper bookstore as a rather cheap paperback. But don't let the price fool you! This is One Pricless Book :!:

Best greetings!