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From a today's visit of the furniture shop (still looking for an ideal bed ;) ). There were some nice wooden sculptures. This view immediately caught my attention..

GRDII+GT1, f2.4, 1/30, ISO135, Silkypix


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River by my home citys for finland. Ricoh GRD 2 and aperture 2.

Sorry my bad english write :shock:
Hi jont and welcome here! Beautiful picture of not so beautiful part of the year. Well..this white dirt drives me mad. I like it during Christmas and it's OK in January. But it's definitely not OK in second half of the March ;) There are some new snow storms announced for the following next hours. And tomorrow is Easter! When I was child, I remember many warm Easter holidays.
beautiful foreground / background separation and connection.

jont fi,
agree with everyone else, beautiful place

Late as usual, here's my shot for Mars 22, taken from my parents back yard. I was suddenly looking out through a windows and saw a very strange twi(-ish)light, so I rushed out and started snapping. I captured the light pretty much as I perceived it on some not so good shots, but unfortunately not so much in this one, which is underexposed. The stuff in the air is snow flakes (of course). I think the snow caused the strange light.


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