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2022 in 1:1

Beautiful shot.

I am planning to do the same (shoot only in 1:1) but only for maybe a month or two and starting not right now but in around half a year (end of summer).

How was your experience? Also: what was the camera and focal length you were using?
I like it that the raw files are cropped. Makes it a more serious commitment ;)

I am not a professional photographer but I am curioua how different aspect ratios impact the narrative.
I tried 1:1 mode on the GR IIIx given I generally either keep the orignal aspect ratio or go 1:1. My main issue was that sometimes I want the crop to be further towards one edge, given I cannot always control this with candid shots.
Great image. I love this idea. Reminds me of my old Medium Format 6x6. Rolleiflex. Oh, the good old times....

I like 1:1 a lot. This gives us total different way to explore and present an image. Looking at 1:1 images on a wall is a sigificant different experience for the viewer. More condensed, "closer".

In my view more difficult to shoot, but ofter with better "keepers" than the usual formats.