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New Member
Well after beeing suspicious of shooting at slow speeds I finally decided to go ISO1600 and give it a try...
ISO1600 Not usable... Rubbish!
You do get a lot of noise, but for my surprise I kind of like it! Tried to run some noise filters but always ended up prefering the noisy image...
Er... actually I am not very good at image processing, but now I think that maybe it´s not worth the trouble...;)

leews2001":93fca said:
not all noise is bad... "good" noise can please beyond the visual senses...

When those who hate noise comes to realise this visual pleasure and want to
enjoy it, most of the camera manufacturers will have to change their concept and perception of marketing their future products.

The kick of Grain and Noise is beyond what everyone
could pleasure from all of its beautiful glory even when
it is created right in front of the human eye.