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High ISO (2). My wife's "real" art. RAW, ISO400,tripod & some minor stuff in Iridio.


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Wow, real art! Cool! I'm at work (on a sunday :( ) and realy should get something done so I can go home but all I'm doing is surfing the forum and playing with the macro... :D


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Hi Grus,

I see you have the GRD11. Lucky, I could not get one where I live so settled for the GX100 instead. They are excellent cameras for Macro. I researched the web for two months and chose Ricoh over Canon and Leica. By the way you describe your view as" boring", but the photo is everything but boring. The skyline is excellent with the juxtaposition of the large trees( what are the trees? Plain?.). The different colour lights bring balance to the photo without crashing it. There seems to be a park on the far side - and also of interest is that one look at the cars in the parkade tells me why oil has just reached 110 dollars a barrel!!
The Coke mako is terrific - I like Coke lite with lemon.
Thanks for your kind words! The trees are Pine and the cars are big and old, not good for the enviorment. The place used to be covered in snow this time of year but not any more, probably due to global warming.
Not much photography today. Too tired from yesterday's "furniture fair" trip. So here is (at least) one of my latest misfocus & overexposure experiments..

GRDII + GT1, ISO400, processed in Silkypix


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