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Noisy Bead Lamp -1600ISO


  • Richoh Caplio GX100 063.jpg
    Richoh Caplio GX100 063.jpg
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Cool pic Chris! I don't have any pretty pictures myself so I continue to upload snapshots from my daily life. Who knows, I might get lucky one day and get a good shot ;)

Speaker set up for photo session (by someone who knows what he's doing i.e. NOT me) in one of the test/listening rooms at work.


  • Testbilder 005.jpg
    Testbilder 005.jpg
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Very nice ISO1600 shot Chris! I like the colors.

Grus, don't worry about your photos. This is why there is such "One Picture a Day" gallery..just everyday photos!

Here is my today's contribution..

R8 in 8MP mode, full tele, processed in silkypix (just added some saturation to sky and resharpened after scaling the picture down).

This is very atypical shot from the rest of today's photos. I spent most of the day at furniture fair ;) But I like this one best. It's taken with R8 at full tele and in 8MP mode. Too bad, because there is a lot JPEG artifacts visible in the sky (due to higher JPEG compression used in Normal mode). However, I shot entire day exclusively in 8MP mode and I like the rest of photos. It would be great if there would be a "Fine" option for 8MP mode.


  • R0010387_sm.jpg
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Pavel thanks for comment on " beads " - my wife says I spoilt the blue. Anyway what I would realy like to know is with your "sky" photo you say that there is too much JPEG atrifact. The only thing I can see is slight clouding in bottom left corner, even with expanding photo - is this what you are refering to :?: In my view the composition is great :cool:
Hi Chris! In this "enhanced" version you can see what I mean with "compression artifacts". And these artifacts are unfortunately enhanced with some editing techniques. This problem is clearly visible mainly in sky and other large areas of the same color where the JPEG compression destroys serious amount of data.

Here is color version:

And it's even worse in B&W:


  • R0010387_sm_enh.jpg
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  • R0010387_sm_enh_bw.jpg
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