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Walking shadows..

R8: 50mm, 1/7sec, f4.2, ISO 400, -2.0EV


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I don't "empty" my camera every day, so I'm a bit behind in time.

Here's a spring sign. I presume these gloves and mittens have been dropped and lost in the snow during winter, which is in its own way very peculiar, because we have had almost no snow this winter. Anyway, I hope this is a "farewell to winter".

(I see now I over-sharpened it, but it was hard to get the gloves and mittens to stand out. I should have made a mask, but I don't think the picture is good enough to make it worth the effort.)


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Tommy, v.interesting. a) why don't town's folk look for mittens/gloves when dropped; b) very trusting community; c) nice forest on edge of town/city; what is a mask :?: . If you say it is oversharpened I will believe you.
This forest lies between a big living area with houses and student apartments on one side, and a university on the other, so the path I'm standing on while taking the picture is heavily used; by (sober) students in the day, a few or so drunk students in the night, by families for recreation, and for physical activities. My guess is that drunk students and small children are the most likely droppers.

A mask in photo editing is like using masking tape when painting; I should have created a mask with holes for the gloves, so I could have popped the color and sharpness of the gloves only, leaving the background soft and grey. Perhaps I could even have made everything but the gloves B&W, for an artistic effect, but there are too many black gloves for that to work, I think.