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  1. J

    Arca-swiss baseplate or L-bracket GRIII/x

    Is there any Arca-swiss compatible baseplate or L-bracket for the GR III / x -camera available that gives the option to change batteries without demounting it all? I found only the wephoto grip, but i don't want a grip on this camera and then an 3d print version, but i don't like a plastic one...
  2. r໐๖ērt

    Hi there from Den Haag

    Taking photos for more than 40 years, I have used almost all kinds of cameras one can think of. From plastic Holgas to fancy Leicas. But I always preferred compact cameras with a 40mm-ish focal length. So I was really happy when RICOH introduced the GR IIIx. It’s currently my everyday, go-to...
  3. R

    Tel Aviv University, 2022

    Tel Aviv, 2022 by RG in TLV, on Flickr
  4. R

    Afternoon walk with the Ricoh GR IIIx

    Urban snapshots from Tel Aviv