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  1. T

    Memory card error

    Hello, New member from Portugal. I apologize if this has been asked in another thread. I searched but did not find any posts here or elsewhere on the net. I am getting a "Memory Card Error" every time I power up my GR III. I've tried different cards, formatting the cards on different...
  2. B

    Do you use the adapter and a lens hood with the GRIII?

    Since we had some rain in Germany the past few weeks it got me thinking if I should think about protecting the GRIII lens from water while shooting in the rain. Looking around on the internet I have found some people recommending Squarehood combined with Nisi lens adapter. Does anyone have any...
  3. B

    Teleconversion (to zoom in) for the GR III?

    Hey everyone, I was wondering why is it that the GRIII has a wide conversion option but no teleconversion to zoom in. And why it's the other way round for the GR IIIX? Any ideas?
  4. Landberg

    2022 in 1:1

    Hi! I shot 2022 in 1:1. I needed to do something new. The best part is that you have to commit since the GR crops the raw files, no way to change your mind later!:) Here is my favorite 1:1 from 2022.
  5. Landberg

    Hello there!

    Hi! My name is Rikard. I’m a long time Ricoh shooter from Sweden. Love these little cameras! I currently use a GRIII side by side with the GRIIIx. That’s all I use. Works great! Landberg on instagram